Quarkus — The next wave of kubernetes native Java framework

Java Bloatedness Problem

Java continues to be the world’s most popular programming language amongst the software developer community with 9.3 million java developers worldwide.

Quarkus Introduction

“Quarkus” is a kubernetes native java framework build for Java virtual machines (JVMs) and native compilation (GraalVM) runtime. It is built using the container first philosophy which makes Quarkus an effective platform and best suited for cloud, Kubernetes and serverless environments.

How does Quarkus work?

The figure below depicts the activities which are performed when a traditional Java cloud native framework starts.

Quarkus Business Value

The business value which Quarkus brings to an organisation falls under three main categories.

Why it matters?

  • Enterprise Kubernetes platform like Red Hat Openshift becomes more cost-effective as the number of applications that can be hosted on a cluster increases.
  • Organisations using Quarkus can do more with the same amount of resources. This means applications using Quarkus can be deployed on fewer nodes than applications that don’t use Quarkus, and the reduction in the number of nodes means that organisations can leverage fewer infrastructure resources to accomplish the same goals, thereby resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Traditional cloud-native development stacks, based on the JVM, have large memory footprints and slow start-up times. Quarkus optimises resource consumption with respect to memory and subsequently enables cost savings related to memory consumption.
  • Because Quarkus JVM and Quarkus Native enable cost savings due to increased deployment density and optimised memory utilisation, cost related to the cloud-hosting can be reduced as a result as well.


The popularity of Java and the adoption of containers suggest the need to optimise the deployment of Java in container-native and Kubernetes native environments. Quarkus optimises Java for containers by increasing the deployment density of containers due to reduced memory utilisation. Additionally, Quarkus decreases the start-up time for container-based applications, improves application throughput, and enhances developer productivity by means of its unification of imperative and reactive programming.



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